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FurReal Friends Biscuit My Lovin Pup

30. August 2008


FurReal Friends Biscuit My Lovin Pup

There are a number of constants when it comes to children. The first is that almost all little boys love to play with cars, trucks, or anything that has wheels with it. The next is that most little girls go through a princess or Barbie phase. And the third is that no matter whether it’s [...]

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1. December 2008


FurReal Friends Biscuit Review: Madelyn

We have three dogs in my house. All of them are smaller dogs and are less than ten pounds each. My daughter loves them, but she wants a dog of her own. We don’t have room for any more dogs, and I felt bad about that because we’ve got our dogs, so why shouldn’t she [...]

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27. November 2008


FurReal Friends Biscuit Review: Martha

I’m a therapist for the Department of Families and Children in Chicago. I have a number of children come into my office, and it is my hope that I can get them to open up a little bit to me. Sometimes, however, I only get to see them once or twice before they get put [...]

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23. November 2008


FurReal Friends Biscuit Review: Donald

Do you want to see something funny? Purchase FurReal Friends Biscuit My Lovin Pup when you already have a dog. Your dog will think that he is real. Our Golden Retriever has become best friends with Biscuit, and although we didn’t buy the dog for him, it has become his new best friend. We purchased the [...]

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19. November 2008


FurReal Friends Biscuit Review: Cynthia

I am not an animal fan, and I never have been. My son, however, loves animals. He gets ecstatic anytime we go to the park and he sees a dog walking around. He loves almost every animal. In the summer, we’re at the zoo every single week, and during the school year, he reads about [...]

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15. November 2008


FurReal Friends Biscuit Review: Erica

When you review toys for a living, you often have a hard time buying toys for your own children. I’ve been reviewing toys for about five years, and have seen and played with almost every toy under the sun. I only choose those toys which are superb to buy for my own house, however, because [...]

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11. November 2008


FurReal Friends Biscuit Review: Kathy

This may sound a little silly, but I bought Biscuit not for my kids, as I don’t have any yet, but for myself. I’m in my early thirties and live in an apartment that doesn’t allow us to have pets of any kind. I’ve always grown up with pets, and although I like fish (the [...]

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7. November 2008


FurReal Friends Biscuit Review: Emily

We live in an apartment and aren’t allowed to have dogs. We do have an indoor cat, but try explaining to your six year old son why you’re allowed to have a cat and not a dog and watch the headaches begin. For my son’s sixth birthday, all he asked for was a dog, but [...]

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31. October 2008


FurReal Friends Biscuit Review: Meghan

When my daughter began begging for a puppy I thought, “Oh no”. I’d been the puppy route before, and it’s never pretty. They beg for a dog and swear that they’ll take care of it. You give in and the next thing you know you’re walking a dog at 3 am trying not to freeze [...]

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